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District Office Staff Directory

DO StaffNote: Unless otherwise noted, email address is the first initial of first name and full last    Example:   Click on contact name for email.

Telephone number is 831-438-1820 plus extension except where noted.

Ames, Sharlene Director of Student Services x 103
Beebee, Kat Director of Technology x 115
Breeden, Chris Business Services; Payroll x 112
Jones, Spencer Business Services; Accountant x 113
Krause, Tanya Superintendent x 105
Lewis, Carolyn Human Resources Administrator x 108
Martinez, Alyssa Student Services x 102
Navas, Mary Director of Business Services x 107
Phillips, Tanya 'TJ Data/Tech Support x 120
Ramirez, Rudolph Chief Business Official x 109
Shawn Coats  Food Service Supervisor 831-439-9555 x 108
Savoy, Andrew Network Specialist x 120
Simonovich, Cathie Admin.  Assistant to the Superintendent x 105
Sovulewski, Terry Human Resources x 101
Stewart, Michelle Director Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment x 114


For individual school contacts please click on school name for the appropriate school site.

Brook Knoll Elementary School

Principal Josh Wahl 831-423-2454
Vine Hill Elementary School Principal Tracey Neilsen 831-438-1090
Scotts Valley Middle School Principal Mary Lonhart 831-438-0610
Scotts Valley High School Principal Mike Hanson 831-439-9555