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Home-Hospital Instruction

What to do if your child needs Home Hospital Instruction.


Home / hospital instruction is provided for students who have a temporary disability, which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable.  A temporary disability means physical, medical, or emotional disability incurred while your student was enrolled in regular day classes or alternative education program, and your child can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes.


In accordance with Ed. Code 48206.3 and 3051.4, you must provide the school district with a medical letter or report from the attending physician, and/or surgeon, or the report of the psychologist, as appropriate, stating the diagnosed condition, and certifying that the severity of the condition prevents the student from attending school.  The letter or report shall include a projected calendar date of when the student may begin services and his/her expected date for return to school.


Once you have obtained the letter or report from your child's doctor, bring it to your child's school office.  The school office will notify Student Services of your child's needs.  Student Services will request a teacher to work with your student.  Your student will receive up to 5 hours per week of individual instruction.  The teacher will contact you and set the schedule for instruction according to your student's needs and his/her schedule.


Our hope is to make your student's home / hospital instruction positive and successful.  If you have any questions, please contact Student Services Director, Michelle Stewart at (831) 438-1820 ext. 114.