Educational Services

Alex Friel

Alexandra Friel
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
(831) 438-1820 x114

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The Educational Services Department provides support for SVUSD teachers & school staff to meet the Instructional goals
of the district and serve all students with
an exemplary education

Daisy Wong

Daisy Wong
Administrative Assistant
(831) 438-1820 x116

SVUSD's Instructional Goals

  • All students will receive a high-quality comprehensive education

  • SVUSD will provide a safe, inclusive environment that supports the whole child

  • All students will have access to 21st-century learning that promotes a college and career atmosphere


  • Our role is to develop academically capable, culturally attuned, and socially responsible students.

  • There are strengths and values in diversity of thought and experience.

  • District decisions, at all levels, should be thoughtful, equitable, and transparent.

  • We value commitment and collaboration from our engaged students, families, and the community.

  • We value trust, respect, and teamwork from our highly skilled and dedicated team.

  • We are accountable to our public for setting clear expectations and optimizing resources to meet our goals.


Our students will be socially responsible, pursuing their full potential in intellectual, social, and physical development, and be engaged, ethical and effective citizens. 


Scotts Valley Unified School District will provide each student with quality educational and social opportunities needed to thrive in a modern world.