Diversity, Equity Inclusion & Belonging

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Diversity, Equity Inclusion & Belonging

SVUSD has committed to honoring diversity and heritage of our students, staff, and community. For the 2022-2023 school year, we will be acknowledging various groups and celebrating them at our schools and at our board meetings.

Celebrations will look different at all schools and even at different grade levels. Some activities might include art, music, book studies, research projects, sharing cultural holidays and celebrations, and activities around campus.

Parents can find our DEIB Calendar Below along with resources for families to extend the learning in their homes: 

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Parent Support & Training 

Throughout Santa Cruz County there are a variety of training and support organizations for families looking to deepen their knowledge of DEIB work. Below are some resources. 

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We are preparing our students to be global citizens in a diverse world and educate them to understand different cultures and perspectives. We have students who come with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and it is our responsibility to ensure they feel included in our school community.

Resources for families


Our students have begun working
hard to be activists and help our community move forward with
DEIB work. They have shared
some powerful TED Talks and presentations that address current issues: 

Why MicroAggressions Aren't So Micro

Implicit Bias and How we Push Through 

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