How to Address The Board

Public Participation

(updated to accommodate virtual meetings)

You will be given opportunities to provide public comment at the appropriate times throughout the meeting via Zoom. If you are participating via dial-up only, use *9 to raise your hand at the requested time. 

How to comment via Zoom: 

  1. At the appropriate times during the meeting for public comment, on items not on the agenda, and on specific agenda items, the Board President will announce that public comment will be accepted. Our usual time limits of 3 minutes per individual, or 5 minutes for an individual who is representing a group of three or more, will apply. Please note that per our standard practice, this is not a question and answer time, but simply a time for you to provide your comments to the Board of Trustees. 

  2. There is an option on Zoom to raise your hand. Please click on this option when the Board President announces that public comment will be taken. Zoom places people in line automatically. If you are participating via dial-up, you can raise your hand at the appropriate time by pressing *9. When it is your turn, your microphone will be unmuted, and you will be able to make your comments based on the above time frames. Once your time is up, you will once again be muted and the next person in line will be given their opportunity to speak. 

How to comment via email: 

  1. Members of the public may provide public comment by sending comments to

  2. Comments should be limited to 300 words or less

  3. Emailed comments must be received by 4:00 pm the day of the meeting and will be included in the official meeting record, but not read during the meeting

  4. Emails received after 4:00 pm the day of the meeting will not be included in the record