Mission, Vision, And Core Values/Guiding Principles

Mission:  Scotts Valley Unified School District will provide each student with quality educational and social opportunities needed to thrive in a modern world.

Vision:  Our students will be socially responsible, pursuing their full potential in intellectual, social, and physical development, and be engaged, ethical and effective citizens. 

Core Values and Guiding Principles:  

  • Our role is to develop academically capable, culturally attuned and socially responsible students.

  • There is strength and value in diversity of thought and experience.

  • District decisions, at all levels, should be thoughtful, equitable and transparent.

  • We value commitment and collaboration from our engaged students, families and the community.

  • We value trust, respect and teamwork from our highly skilled and dedicated team.

  • We are accountable to our public for setting clear expectations and optimizing resources to meet our goals.