Technology Services

The district IT team provides services and support to our award-winning schools.  The team strives to meet the needs of our high-performance schools today and prepare for educational needs of tomorrow.

IT Mission Statement:  Support and enable our learning community through the appropriate use and understanding of technology.

IT Vision Statement:  Inspire to push the boundaries of learning through the responsible use of technology.


1. Provide technology demonstrations, learning, tools, and professional development to our learning community.


  1. Procure new technologies during the school year to test and evaluate that will support student learning.

  2. Provide professional learning opportunities to our learning community during the school year. 

  3. All technology team members will attend at least one technology conference showcasing innovative technology used for learning.

2. Provide all services from the Technology Service Catalog as outlined.  Complete service within the timeframe indicated.


  1. Complete services promptly for that service.

  2. Complete all services to client satisfaction.

  3. Provide stable and adequate network bandwidth for all schools.

Parent Help & Staff Help


Kat Beebee, Director of Technology

Tanya "TJ" Phillips, Data\Tech Support

Andrew Savoy, Network Specialist