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Update from the Superintendent - June 9th
Posted 6/9/21

Dear Scotts Valley Community,

Here we are, at the conclusion of an incredibly different school year.  As we close out this school year, we have a lot to reflect on and certainly a lot for which to be thankful.  This has certainly been the year for both professional and personal self reflection.  We are still finding our new normal. 

Last March through June was stunning, and we were in shock and not really sure how long this pandemic was going to last. When we realized the situation was going to continue into the 2020-21 school year, we planned accordingly over the summer. We assumed and initially planned to start the school year with hybrid in-person instruction.

Then the CZU Lighting fire occurred with people required to evacuate and some experiencing extreme loss. COVID rates increased, and we were forced to open school in full distance instruction, and even later into the year due to the delay from the fires.

This year was filled with so many changes, many of which came fast and unexpectedly. The ongoing pivoting and changing after establishing new practices and policies was trying for all.  Despite the frustrations experienced throughout the year, our educational community partnered with our parent community in new ways to best educate and meet the needs of our students during this pandemic.  This was a TEAM EFFORT!  We experienced and learned together all of the requirements and restrictions during purple, deep purple, red, orange, and yellow COVID  tiers.  I acknowledge it was difficult and extremely challenging at times for some and I am sincerely hopeful that everyone is beginning to feel the initial stages of recovery from this situation.  

THANK YOU to all of the faculty and staff at our amazing schools! THANK YOU to our parent community for supporting your children and working with our school staff throughout this year.

So many emotional events occurred this year and also life-changing experiences, and we all have been affected in different ways.  Through all of these events, our team persevered and focused on the needs of our students. Our educational team will hopefully find the time to rest and rejuvenate in order to fully prepare for the next school year.  We are committed to doing our very best within our means and ability, and to respond to the academic and social emotional needs of our students when we get to work with them in person next year.

We’ve been provided great opportunities to embrace change while still holding onto important traditions that we hold dear.  Next year we will pick up where we left off pre-pandemic with some of our district initiatives. We are committed to continuing with our focus on social emotional learning needs, Environmental Literacy, and continuing the work with our Cultural Responsiveness District Committee. 

As you know, all public school districts in Santa Cruz County are starting school Wednesday, August 11.  At this time, we are being told that new school guidance will be coming out this month, although there is a possibility it will be amended again prior to the August start date. As the date draws closer, we will update you on the pertinent information we receive.

One final send off with gratitude and appreciation for the 27 years of service to Assistant Superintendent, Michelle Stewart, who is the next Superintendent for Happy Valley School District.  Thank you Michelle for your years of dedication to this school district!  

Here’s hoping for a wonderful summer for all and safe travels!

See you in August!


Tanya Krause

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates.