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District Office Contact List

district office directory

District Office

4444 Scotts Valley Drive, Suite 5B

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(831) 438-1820



            Tanya Krause, Superintendent                               ext 105

            Cathie Simonovich, Administrative Assistant       ext 105


            Educational Services               

            Michelle Stewart, Assistant Superintendent,

            Educational Services                                                ext 114

            Michele Maliesky, Administrative Assistant         ext 116


            Student Services

            Dr. Steven Hoy, Director of Student Services       ext 103

            Beth Hyytinen, Administrative Assistant               ext 102


            Business Services

            Mary Navas, Chief Business Official                       ext 107

            Lori Gentile, Financial and Data Analyst                ext 109

            Chris Breeden, Account/Payroll Technician          ext 112

            Mallory Sainsbury, Account/Payroll Technician   ext 113


            Human Resources

            Carolyn Lewis, Human Resources Administrator ext 108

            Kathy Bothman, Administrative Assistant             ext 101


            Technology Services


            Tanya “TJ” Phillips, Data/Tech Support                   ext 120

            Andrew Savoy, Network Specialist                          ext 120


            Food Services

         Jennifer Rasmussen                                                         (831) 439-9555 ext 108;   831-430-0683